Different antenna, different elevation?

I’m not talking a little ARP difference lol. I have a Novatel pinwheel antenna on an M2 getting Lora corrections from an RS2 Base. I Notice some funny elevations from fixed targets I’ve used when some of our GCP’s were destroyed. Around 23cm. So I shot some points tonight, one with the Novatel and then the Emlid helical. Each shot with the Novatel was 20+ cm compared with the helical antenna. Is it an issue with newer constellations? The pinwheel is from around 2016.

Even worse, Easting and Northing is off 6m.

Sounds like an offset base position? How are you correcting your data?
What does your environment look like?

The setup last night used the same RS2 base (averaged position) and the same project. I had simply swapped antenns. This was RTK, but I’ll run it through Emlid Studio and see if there’s any change.

Was it an averaged fix position?

Hi @SRBell,

I’d second Christian’s question – is the Reach RS2 position averaged with a Fix or Single solution? If it’s Single, was the base’s position re-averaged between the tests?

In case there’s a benchmark nearby, please collect it with both M2 setups and check if the calculated coordinates match the known ones. This way, we can check which setup gives the correct positions.


How are your tests going? If you get a chance to test your setup on a benchmark, please keep me posted on the results.

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