Differences between Reach RTK and Reach M+

Hello everyone,

I know this might sound like a silly question, but I am a beginner in GNSS modules, and I came across Emlid Reach which seems to have a fairly good precision at a decent price, but I have some questions regarding this:

  1. Are there any performance differences between Reach RTK and Reach M+ ? If yes could you please specify which of them? I tried to figure it out for myself, but asides a few extra connections, I couldn’t really figure out any more.
  2. Is Reach M+ the official replacement for Reach RTK? I am asking because I have read in on of the topics found on this forum that Reach RTK stopped production completely?


There are no performance differences between Reach RTK and Reach M+, and both Reach devices are fully interoperable.

Reach M+ is based on a new processor module - Neutis N5, whereas Reach RTK is based on the Intel Edison compute module.

Hey, thank you for the fast response.

So that means I can use Reach RTK with Reach M+ without having compatibility issues. That’s great to hear.
Still I am curios is Reach RTK never going to be produced or is it just sold out at the moment?

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Reach RTK won’t be produced any longer, cause we don’t plan to use Intel Edison in the future. However, we will keep supporting software updates on all our devices, including Reach RTK.

OK, that’s also great to hear cause I still have on Reach RTK unit(managed to fry the other module…). Its good that it wont become obsolete in the near future.
Thank you again for the info.

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