Differences between correction link methods. 3DR / RFD900


i want to use two Reach RTK modules for determining the position of an automated car via D-GNSS.
The required range between rover and base has to be about 1km. In the documentation and the forum i have already read that the radios 3DR and RFD900 can be used for this as well as Wi-Fi.
What i need to know are the differences between these methods and which specially advantages and disadvantages each modul has?


Wi-Fi range is only about 50m, so it will not be suitable for the task. RFD900 sound more like the correct approach. Our new Reach RS has internal radio that will easily cover this distance.

Thank you for your fast answer Igor!

Is any cheaper kit with two Reach RS modules available like the one with two Reach RTK?
Can you tell me why RFD900 would be better than 3DR if i order two Reach RTK modules?

I ask this all because I have to verify several solutions which can solve my problem.

the 3dr modules are between 250 and 500 mwatt the rfd900 has 1000 mwatts.

i did reach with rfd900 2-3 km on the ground. but it is very difficult.

if you use it airborne you can do 40 km…