Difference between logging position data and survey data

You can receive the LLH file from the logging position data. You can receive csv files in survey. Recording was started at the same time and then proceeded for the same time. Then, comparing the x, y, and z of these two files, there was a slight difference. For example, ±1~10mm? Why is this happening? Is there any difference between logging position data and survey?

  • The height of the antenna for logging and survey is designated.

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It seems like we’ve been in touch over this in email. Let me briefly repeat it.

The difference you get between collected points and the averaged solution is around several mm or even smaller. This is well within the accuracy of the device as we provide the centimeter-level accuracy only.

The main source of the difference must be the values you average. The output data and the data on Reach receivers might be different in the third character to the right of the decimal point because of the space limitations. That’s why there can be differences in the end results of two different averaging processes.

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