Didn’t think it would be…

… so damn good!

I have an Trimble R12i at work of a cost of $15000!
Accuracy wise it’s no better than the RS2 for $2000!

Measured some known points today an the RS2 was within 10mm in all directions.

So keep up the good work!!!



The number of likes on your post speaks for itself :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: It makes our day!


Yes, I parked my older Trimble GPS (on the shelf now) in favor of the RS2 for the last 22 months


and i have a different opinion about rs2. hardware underdeveloped, still problems bluetooth gsm

But compared to a Trimble R12i that I got at work it’s performance is VERY good considering it’s price.

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this equipment is supposed to work and there are still no problems with it. poor GSM coverage and no fix. I’ve had enough. old chc x91 go in places where gsm coverage is very weak and emlid not. I have to carry two instruments because the rs2 works as it wants, I’m terribly disappointed.

Hi @geodezja-skwierzyna,

Please reach out to us via support@emlid.com with the description of the issues you’ve faced and with the Full System Report from the device. We’ll definitely check the behavior of your units with the devs and will solve the issues. We’re always ready to work with you on resolving the issues, we’re open to helping you.


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