Did any past firmware version for RS+ add the antenna height in the Log file?

I have a survey that was done by a fellow Reach RS user back in Aug 2020. The data from that survey was used for GCP’s in Pix4D. We have found that the elevations of each GCP is off in elevation by almost the exact amount of the entered antenna height (+2.065 meters) It is as if Emlid added the elevation data by the antenna height specified.

When I did PPK I simply added the antenna height for the survey as I always do. But when comparing the data to what a survey company had done, it appeared the elevations were off by the antenna height.

It is not my processing software as the survey done using newer firmware is right on the money. A few of the points were resurveyed last week with the RS (with updated firmware) and the points seem to spot on when entering the antenna height as you normally would during PPK processing.

So I am just wondering if it is possible that a past firmware could have done this? He is going to go out and resurvey the 13 GCP’s and I will reprocess the maps using the new PPK data. I was mainly wanting to find out if this was a possible reason for the error in elevation of the PPK data.

Hi Tim,

If you work in RTK and enter the pole height in the Survey project, you should get coordinates of the point on the ground in resulting CSV file. So, there is no need to apply antenna height after that.

Could you clarify whether you got GCPs coordinates in RTK or PPK? I’m not sure I understood you right.

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