Dev version 2.23.2 compatibility issue with the SNIP NTRIP caster

Currently testing a NTRIP server configuration with the SNIP Caster. Just after updating both a M+ and a RS2 to dev version 2.23.2, the NTRIP data flows to the caster we no more able to connect as “NTRIP Pushed-in Streams” in the caster app. I had to change both receivers to send their corrections as raw TCP/IP streams to make it work again. I can provide the current caster connection data if someone at EMLID wants to try it out. Thanks.

Further on, reflashed the RS2 and brought it back to 2.22.2 and everything came back to normal. Currently pushing NTRIP streams to the caster but the M+ stays at V2.23.2 for now.

Hi Andre,

Thanks for reporting the issue! May I ask you if you had a chance to generate the Full System Report on the units when the issue occured?

Do I understand correctly that it’s not possible to transmit the data via NTRIP caster from Reach RS2 on v2.23.2?

Hi Polina,

Yes the error is on both RS2 and M+ units with this software revision.
I extracted a full report from my M+ unit just after trying to connect again. (1.6 MB)

Also, I just configured a M2 that connects okay but it is at Version 2.22.2 (need something that works on this NTRIP caster).


Hi Andre,

Thanks for the data!

There is indeed an issue with the transmitting the data via the NTRIP on certain ports. We’ll fix this in the future dev update.

As a temporary workaround, would it be possible to change the port to any above 3000?

Hi Polina,

Currently, I can feed the NTRIP caster with a raw TCP/IP input configuration on port 3000 so you may have seen it there but the NTRIP standard is at 2101 or close by and is the same port in and out of the caster for the NTRIP protocol. I will check out if I could temporarily move the NTRIP port above 3000 on the caster but can you confirm it would be a valid workaround?

Hi Andre,

Sorry for the much-delayed reply!

We’ve fixed the issues with connection to NTRIP casters on TCP ports < 3000 in the v2.23.3 dev update. Could you please check if it works for you?

Hi Polina,

Just updated the M+ on Dev version 2.23.6. NTRIP normal push-in on standard 2101 port back to life and sorry for the delay.


Hi Andre,

Thanks for the confirmation! :slightly_smiling_face: