Designating my own Coordinate System

I would like to create my own coordinate system for a 200m x 200m area. I would like to designate one corner as 0 northing, 0 easting, elevation 100. How do I go about doing this?

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Hi @mnmsurvey,

Currently, Emlid Flow doesn’t support setting arbitrary coordinate systems. But we see your request and why it’s needed. I’ll note your +1 for this feature. And once we have any updates on this, I’ll post them in this thread.


This is one of the major limitations that is preventing us from deploying Emlid at a large scale. Hope it’s something that’s in development!!


Hi @MarkB,

Oh, I see that it’s quite a handy feature. I don’t have ETAs for it now, but I’ll note your +1 for this request. Thank you, guys!


Hi @mnmsurvey and @MarkB,

The localization feature is here. It is now available in Emlid Flow under the Survey plan. So, you can obtain accurate coordinates in a local coordinate system even if you don’t have its precise parameters. I hope it will meet your needs.

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