Description of NMEA outputs

Hi all, where can I get the description of Talker ID and NMEA output messages so that we could select just the ones we need? By selecting just the data that we need, does it reduce the workload on Bluetooth hardware?

I mean if we use BT for both correction input and position output?


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Here are two links I found with Google that break them down.

That should get you.


Hi @l3technologycambodia,

In the ReachView 3 app, you can choose GN or GP Talker ID. The GP Talker ID stands for GPS measurements. It’s required for integration with some 3rd-party devices.

The GN Talker ID is the industry standard for NMEA output. It shall be used when the data in the sentence is produced from a combination of multiple satellite systems.

Reach receivers can transmit these NMEA messages:

  • GGA - Global Positioning System Fixed Data
  • GSA - GNSS DOP and Active Satellites
  • GST - GPS Pseudorange Noise Statistics
  • GSV - GNSS Satellites in View
  • RMC - Recommended Minimum Specific GNSS Data
  • VTG - Course Over Ground and Ground Speed
  • ZDA - SiRF Timing Message

It should be possible to use Bluetooth fine for both position output and correction input independently of the amount of chosen NMEA messages.

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Thank you for your reply but it seems to have issue with SurPad app if we used BT for both position output and correction input at the same. The BT connection was connected and disconnected very often. If we use hotspot and let the ReachView do the RTK processing, just use BT for position output with SurPad app, the BT connection was quite stable.

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Hi @l3technologycambodia,

Coudl you please clarify which Reach model do you use? What’s the firmware version installed on the receiver?

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