Delay in RTK solution output

Hi all,

Does anyone know what the delay is for the generation of the fix solution. To put an example, I have the Rover mounted on a drone, which is moving thorough waypoints.
At a given moment, when I see something in the video I want to register the current position of the drone with great accuracy. I read this position from the Rover TCP server. I might be able to measure what the delay is for the data to travel from the rover to my database because it is done through wifi and internal processing in the SW that we created. But, how old is the solution I read from the TCP server of the Rover?
This becomes more relevant when the rover is moving at high speeds, because a delay of 500ms could mean some meters.


Hi Juan,

That depends on the GPS update rate, so if you have it set at 5Hz, the delay of the solution can be up to 200ms, but you can improve that by interpolating within your code. As to the numbers of the delay of solution at the moment when it is output from Reach I really do not know, that should be some 10s of ms, but if this parameter is critical for you it needs to be measured.