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I had a question about the default Global CS that is selected for the coordinate system when creating a new survey. What parameters are the default for this setting? For example, what Datum, Ellipsoidal model and Projection are used when Global CS is selected? When I select Global CS the vertical datum is greyed out and just says ellipsoidal height, would that be in UTM? and would the datum and ellipsoidal model be WGS 84 by default?

I am still relatively new to the industry so I apologize if this question isn’t worded in a way that makes sense.

Hi Jacob,

The Global CS option is designed for working with non-projected coordinates. The calculated rover coordinates will always be in the same datum as the base. For example, if you work with an NTRIP service transmitting base coordinates in NAD83/ETRS89/GDA2020 datum, the rover will have the same one.

Otherwise, if you set up your own base and average its coordinates in SINGLE. In this case, the base will have WGS84 coordinates and so will the rover.

The Global CS always provides you with ellipsoidal heights. The UTM coordinates are the plane coordinates, not the vertical. You can convert ellipsoidal heights to orthometric heights by using specific vertical datums supported by Emlid Flow. These datums are tailored and tied to particular coordinate systems in different countries, but there are also global geoids like EGM2008 or EGM96.

You can read more about setting a local coordinate system for your country in our guide.

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