Decode REACH M2 UBX include Camera shot moment

Dear Community
I’m trying to decode the “.ubx” file created by “Reach M2” in a photogrammetry project, I want to test some algorithms for External IMU Integration into “Reach M2”.

I found that the “.ubx” file contains 2 ublox ubx binary messages :
UBX-RXM-RAWX (0xb5 0x62 0x02 0x15)
UBX-RXM-SFRBX (0xb5 0x62 0x02 0x13)
I can find them clearly inside the generated “.UBX” file by “Reach M2”.

The only problem is I cannot understand how camera shots (triged by camera hotshoe cable) are stored in “.UBX” file? can someone help me through this? does it have a binary header like UBX-RXM-RAWX and UBX-RXM-SFRBX ?

Can anyone please help me?

Hi @saeide.tohidi!

Regarding UBX composition, I recommend contacting U-Blox support directly.

Can you share why you need this information for your application? Is it possible to use RINEX instead of UBX?

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