Dead project, can't open, or download points, other projects are ok

Emlid Reach first vercion

This issue happened to 2 different units, the first time I ignore it, now im concern because I need to download the points that I measured. I place a fix point on my roof to place the antenna on the same spot every day, I was taking 3 measurements per day using Ntrip to evaluate how precise it is, I was getting good results so far ( 3 days doing the same thing )

A few minutes ago I oppened reach from my pc browser, and when I try to open the projject I get the message “reach disconnected” , the project cant be open, its freezed. I can open old project, I was able to create a new project and save some point, but i can not open or export ( in any format ) that project.

What can I do to get that data, and what can be done to avoid this issue ?
I am able to download logs, and to download LLH files, but I if I cant get the point names of each project im totaly lost

How can SSH into emlid? is there any work arround?

I just ssh , downloaded all the logs and surveys folders, the project folder that I need was 0kb so that’s why it’s frozen. I will need some tutorial on how to get the points from the logs. And I just saw the power off button on the settings menu. I’m sure that was the issue… I was not using it, from now on I will use it at all times.

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