DDNS update with Reach RS2


Is it possible to run a service on Reach RS2 that update an DDNS with reach public IP?


Not an answer to your direct question, but another solution:

  • Setup the DDNS on a capable router
  • Assign a static DHCP IP for the RS2’s mac address
  • NAT a port to the Reachview interface (remember the :5000 as well, for updates)
  • Open firewall as well

Hello, thanks for the answer, but Reach RS2 have the resources to do it and using a router in the field is na extra non need thing.

In this case the Reach RS2 is running with a SIM card with a public IP.

This is possible with a service running on boot, but I don’t know how to do it without root login.

Thanks again

Hi André,

There’s no root access on Reach RS2 so I’d go with the solution offered by Christian.

Hi again,

It’s disappointing, anyway, is it possible to run a script on boot with the normal user (reach)?

Hi André,

We don’t recommend running scripts on Reach as adding any custom scripts or drivers may cause issues that we won’t be able to troubleshoot. I commented on this in another thread in more detail:

Thanks Tatiana,

I’ve read that for my disappointment, and in part I understand.

So, the purpose of SSH access is mostly for download?

In the meantime, SSH indeed is used as a backup way of getting logs

Ok Thanks again for all information shared.

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