Date wrong on for File Name on latest firmware 31.3

The date is wrong on the latest firmware. I have the 31.3 firmware installed on the base and the dates continue to be wrong for the log file name. My rover is 31.2 and there is no problem with the dates on the rover. Hopefully you can fix this asap.

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31.3 is wrong

@agrimgalina Thank you. It is in fact 31.3 that is logging the wrong date. I hope they fix this ASAP. I entered 32.3 and it is 31.3. Emlid please fix this.


Today I took measurements and everything was wrong with the ubx

You can specify where the wrong date is for the log file name, I can’t see the error.
Thank you

Hi @MDS,

Can you send log files and FSR to so we can look into it more closely and investigate?

Liudmila has had all the files for some time, please help for the RS2

Olesia, thanks for the followup. I sent the FSR, files and screenshots to support. I will note that it was not every day that was wrong. I noted the details in the email. The log files from the last several days appear to have the correct date in the file name. So it is not a repeating problem.

I just came back from work and recorded the data on September 22nd with a size of 60mb, it has overlapped work of several days

Thank you for the files, I’ve received them. It may require a bit of time to analyze them. I’ll let you know once I have any updates or questions.

Hi @agrimgalina,

I see that you are already in discussion with Liudmila and she’s investigating your case.

Our development team is looking into logs, but we want to check every case and make sure that this is indeed all the same issue.