Data transfer from M2 to PC using HC-12 modules

I have an M2 and RS2 on the way but I want to get a head-start on getting it up and running.

The M2 will be mounted on an implement towed ~10>20 m behind a vehicle. I need to get GGA messages to a laptop in the cab to inject into a piece of software. Currently I use a Trimble R8 (@ 5 Hz) using a serial cable which is not ideal due to the chance of cable damage etc.

My plan is to stream data from the M2 using a pair of HC-12 transceivers and then use a serial to USB converter to get the data into the laptop as per the diagram below.

Are there likely to be any issues with this arrangement? I assume the available data rate of the HC12’s will be plenty when only sending GPGGA messages?


What type vehicle are you pulling with? If an agricultural tractor, you might try it via Bluetooth. You will be surprised how far BT goes and easily travels through glass

It will be a dual-cab ute. So there will be a bit more in the way than just the glass of a tractor. At this stage I’m planning on packaging the HC-12 and Serial>USB electronics in a small box with a USB cable to the laptop.

Do you mean the internal Bluetooth on the M2 or an external module?

My reasons for initially choosing the HC-12:

  • I thought the internal Bluetooth wouldn’t have enough power to reach inside the cab.
  • I have used the HC-12 a few years ago for sending drone telemetry.

Hi @b.p,

I think it should work. I don’t see any obvious reasons why not.

Reach M2 can stream GGA NMEA messages via Serial. To connect the HC-12 transceiver to the Reach, use the JST-GH port (S1 or S2). They both support the UART protocol.

Also, I see the suggestion to use Bluetooth. However, I also see you mentioned that you’re going to work at 10-20 meters distance. Bluetooth is a good option, but it won’t be enough for such a range.

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