Data logging with Reach M+ module, how it works?

I have a question:
what would be the right procedure to download the geo-reference files from the Reach M + module?
The Reach M + is standalone without base station.
Is it necessary to start a survey for each mission before each flight?
Or how can geo-logging be obtained per flight mission for the photogrammetric photos of the flight?

Thank you very much!

If you are using camera control then the timestamps are encoded in the raw data log.

To extract the timestamps from the raw data log, you must run a post-processing job.

Typically you would have both base station data and rover data when you run the post-processing job.

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my first copter doesn´t have a base station like Reach RS+ or Reach RS2.
it has only the Reach M+ module with the Hotshoe connection on my Sony A6000 camera.
And i wish to extract the time and position stamps like direction, longitude and latitude.
what i wish to know, if i must or if i can start an data log for every flight separately.
Where can i find an tutorial for this procedure?
Thank you very much!

A “survey project” is an interactive thing and not used for drones. For a standalone Reach, enable the position and the raw logs. Once enabled, logs will be recording each time Reach is powered up.

You will still run a post-processing job to extract the timestamps from the raw log.

I don’t think there is a tutorial for the method you plan to use, but you should still read about post-processing in the documentation and then adjust it for what you are doing.

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Use Fing app to find out your ip address of the M+. Just use a browser using that ip to adjust settings, get logs etc. Or use Reach app.

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thank you very much!

thank you very much!

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