Data Dropouts

Hi There,
I have been flying my P4 with the reach unit on it.
I have notices the odd data drop out, Yes, the data is noisy, but some of that can be processed out.
Have a look at the graph below, there is a gap at 3:31 to 3:32.
I had fix on the drone in the air as I was flying around home with a strong wifi signal.

The gap is in the .llh file logged live as well. This is not the first time this has happened, and I was wondering if you could shed some light?

Could you zoom way in and see if the data drop out occurred precisely between 03:31:00.00 and 03:31:59.80 or if it occurred at a more random time?

Also please confirm your ReachView version and that nobody was browsing on their device with the ReachView page open (in case of inadvertent settings change).

Random time,
No one was browsing.

I lost a whole 200m leg on a survey yesterday, thought it was finger trouble, but this is a samll repeat of the problem

Please confirm if what you are showing us is RTK or PPK.

If RTK and you have the raw logs, can you process the base and rover separately in single mode so we can see if the data is missing on one or both units?

Bonus points if you show us the base log processed from the RTCM3 file and also from UBX file.

I would like to rule out interference that is knocking out your radio link.

The data was PPK and this is the UBX file PPK’d.
Raw data link

Raw data link

I converted your V4 UBX files to RINEX and the data is just missing. The next best thing would be to have someone familiar with the binary ublox format see if there is corrupt data or just no data for that time period.


OK, just checking that this wasn’t a bug that existed in an old version.

How many times do you say this has happened now?

At least two. But hold your horses…

See ReachView v2.9.3 - RTK performance boost

It may be due to RF swamping. give me a few days to check.



The DJI Phantom uses Phased array wifi. I was being swamped. NOw (properly shielded) this is not a problem :slight_smile:


Hi Simon,

Do you have picture of the shield ?

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Just printing off the next level prototype, will post when it is off the printer.

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