Data collectors for Field Genius and RS3 in 2024

I am looking for the best and most modern (2024) hardware(data collectors) and software(Field Genius,etc) combinations to utilize my RS3 receiver/s for both RTK, static, and VRS/NTRIP surveys. The capability of Emlid Flow is just not yet sufficient for my interest. I am considering both Windows and Android options.


Hi @papa,

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Could you tell us a bit more about your project and what features would you like to see in Emlid Flow?

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I miss a lot a function when staking, that I haven´t found in any other app, that when you arrive to the point for fine location, it doesn´t use north or south, instead uses the direction you arrived from to the marker and then is just to the front, back, left or right from that direction, this way was a lot quicker for me, than getting to the next point and then turn to the north and from there start fine location.

As far as a field controller, Tripltek 9 us the best Android based tablet ever for me, very bright in daylight, fast and has 12GB ram and 256GB storage.

I’ve got FieldGenius, Emlid Flow and Javad JMT software on mine. None if the field software has ever crashed on mine.

I suggest you take a serious look at the Tripltek 9.