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Data collector-mobile phone

(Omar Billoni) #1

I bought a rtk kit, It was setting, I can’t connect by wi-fi from my motorola g5 plus to the gps, I can see the device (rover and base, wi-fi without internet), but I can’t connect them, it doesn’t work. My question is, what kind of mobile phone works better, samsumg, huawai, iphone, etc… if I have to buy anyone, what kind of mobile phone, do you recommend?

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(Christian Grüner) #2

Something with bright (in sunlight), large display, in light colors, so it doesnt heat in direct sunlight

(Tatiana Andreeva) #4

Hi @omarbilloni,

What’s the Android version on your current device? Do I understand right that you can’t connect it to Reach hotspot?

All iOS devices and devices with Android version higher than 5.1 should work.

(Omar Billoni) #6

Thanks, I’ll consider that, next step is buying kind of your recommend