Data Collection Time Required For Establishing This Accuracy?

I need to establish ground control coordinates in the Southwestern United States (rural area with clear skies.) The accuracy I need is within 1-foot horizontal plane coordinates and 3-feet elevation. What is the guesstimate as to how long I would need to have the Reach collect data to achieve that accuracy withOUT PPK correction using CORS?

On rs+ or rs2?

Whichever can do it the quickest. :slight_smile: Actually I’d be interested in knowing the approximate difference between the two.

Hi @jazee,

I’ve already answered you by email, however, I duplicate this info here for other users with the same question.

Reach in Single mode can provide ~2.5 meters accuracy. While surveying in RTK mode, 1-2 minutes is enough for collecting a point.

Using Reach RS2, you can also use a precise point positioning technique (PPP) for obtaining your desired accuracy level, however, it may take a few hours to get coordinates.

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