Data Collection Apps for iOS (or Android)

Looking for anyone’s experience with iOS apps that allow for extra survey features over ReachView. Android app information would be useful if they fulfill the need, I would look at some type of android device if needed.

I don’t need to do any hardcore survey apps that do linework or have cogo features or anything like that. I only need to collect points (GCPs) and store them. But I would like to able to set the RS2 on a known point including the known elevation which is orthometric height.

I don’t have any GPS experience at all, nor have I had any hardware yet to play with. We are in the research phase of buying hardware.

Does anyone know how I can do this while using two Reach RS2s?

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I have just started playing with my RS+ (1 only) and Mapit GIS on Android. I have purchased the Pro version for AUD$24 to enable export to Google Drive in CSV, KML formats.

Working well so far and achieving CM accuracy with the Australian Goverment CORS service.




Hi Chris,

Sounds like a promising and inexpensive option. Can you tell me what else that app can do?

Two features I was looking for, for now, were:

  • being able to set something other than ellipsoidal height
  • coordinate systems like utm


At the moment it’s not possible to use any other coordinate systems in ReachView app except WGS84 with ellipsoidal height.
However, these two features are on our to-do list and will be added in the future versions of the software.


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