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Data Collection Apps for iOS (or Android)

(Derrick) #1

Looking for anyone’s experience with iOS apps that allow for extra survey features over ReachView. Android app information would be useful if they fulfill the need, I would look at some type of android device if needed.

I don’t need to do any hardcore survey apps that do linework or have cogo features or anything like that. I only need to collect points (GCPs) and store them. But I would like to able to set the RS2 on a known point including the known elevation which is orthometric height.

I don’t have any GPS experience at all, nor have I had any hardware yet to play with. We are in the research phase of buying hardware.

Does anyone know how I can do this while using two Reach RS2s?

(Chris Nichols) #2


I have just started playing with my RS+ (1 only) and Mapit GIS on Android. I have purchased the Pro version for AUD$24 to enable export to Google Drive in CSV, KML formats.

Working well so far and achieving CM accuracy with the Australian Goverment CORS service.



(Derrick) #3

Hi Chris,

Sounds like a promising and inexpensive option. Can you tell me what else that app can do?

Two features I was looking for, for now, were:

  • being able to set something other than ellipsoidal height
  • coordinate systems like utm


(Andrew Yushkevich) #5

At the moment it’s not possible to use any other coordinate systems in ReachView app except WGS84 with ellipsoidal height.
However, these two features are on our to-do list and will be added in the future versions of the software.