Dark theme for Emlid Studio

is it possible to apply a dark mode or dark theme to Emlid Studio?

I could not find that option, if it does not have it, this would be a request,
because many people like me suffers from eye strain caused by white backgrounds on computer screens,

today in many software the option for dark themes is being implemented for that reason


Hi Roger,

Welcome to our community!

We were in touch via email regarding this matter. Emlid Studio doesn’t have this feature, but I passed on your request to the team for consideration.

What PC do you use in regular work? Some PCs have options for easing eye strain. For example, you can find out more in this article. It’s about Mac, but I assume that other manufacturers also implement them.


I use only windows pc, each app has its own theme and design independent of the operating system theme, I use windows dark theme, but Emlid Studio still shows light theme with white backgrounds :slightly_frowning_face: