D8R-XP Binding

Hello everyone.

I’m having a problem trying to bind my receiver and my tiranis x9d transmitter. I use this configuration for the receiver in the navio +:

Wondering if my cable is not on the right pins because the receiver didn’t even flash the light when I press the button to bind. Checking the voltage in the pins where the receiver is connected +,- my voltmeter is reading just 0.65. I assumed that something is wrong with the order of my cables black/red/white. Any ideas?


Looks like there is no power on the servo rail. We do not power servos from the power module or USB for obvious reasons, so you will need to use some sort of BEC. If you are using Navio+ in a vehicle with a motor plug the battery in your ESC and it should provide power to your receiver :smile:

I have space for a second battery, so I will connect it in the servo rail then. Both batteries powering the project, one in the power port and the another in the servo rail for redundancy. Thanks :smile:

You speak of a second battery. Please do not connect the battery directly to the servo rail. Use a seperate BEC (Battery Eliminator Circuit) to reduce the voltage to 5-6V.

It is actually not redundancy you get. You have two seperate power sources powering two different parts of your project. If one source fails, the whole vehicle will be disabled.
Since you have two potential sources of error instead of one, your reliability is halfed, not doubled.
It is not an easy task to get real redundancy in a project.

Thanks. I will get a BEC as soon I can. :hushed:

About the second battery: What about if the second battery has an output voltage from 5 to 6v could work until I get the BEC just for testing rc connectivity?

Then you will be fine, of course. A pack of 4 NiMh batteries in series (4.8V nominal) is usually used to power the receiver and servos in an rc-glider for example.
The problem is, they have far less capacity than lipo or lifepo batteries of the same weight, so even with an additional BEC you end up with more runtime or less weight.

Thank you. I really appreciate your concer.

I binded the transmitter and receiver but when I tried to use the transmitter nothing happens. The receiver has a green solid light which means connection, in my taranis x9d i can see the connection with the receiver, I powered everything and run the ArduCopter, but nothing occurs. What I am doing wrong?

Please note that acceptable input voltage is 4.75V to 5.25V, do not connect 6V power source.

Do you have connection to APM Planner?

Sorry my fault.

This was nagging me, so I powered up my rover and there it was, the Taranis was showing 5.75V as the receiver voltage. I checked the BEC and its voltage really was 5.75V.
I think I need a new one.


The maximum voltage is 5.22 which i can see in the Taranis:

I have connection with the APM without any errors:

However when I try to calibrate the radio signal in APM, It did not detect anything:

If i close the APM and use the mavlink to test the motors, they run manually:

If you have a servo at hand, try and plug it directly into the receiver and see if it moves when you move the sticks. You may have to remove the jumper on ch3/4 for this test to work. You could also use an esc if you do not have a servo. Plug the esc into the throttle channel, otherwise it might not arm.
This way you know if the taranis and the receiver are properly binded.

Testing with one esc in the throttle channel, works perfectly…

After moving cables and conectors, i am getting something like: No INS backends available

I think I found your problem. According to the photo of your receiver, you did put the jumper on the ground pins of ch3/4, not the signal pins.

Wow thank you :scream:

Now I have this issue. I am using a battery in the servo rail:

I tried to power from a different usb even from the power connector. I changed the usb wifi connector and i got the same error :laughing:

Try a shutdown and restart.
Why did you abort the first start of the Arducopter.elf?

I shutdown and restared couple times… still getting the error, I aborted the first start because I was going to use the 3dr radios as telemetry. I tried:
sudo ArduCopter-quad -B /dev/ttyUSB0
read failed - Success
read failed - Success
read failed - Success
read failed - Success
read failed - Success
read failed - Success
read failed - Success
read failed - Success
AK8963: bad DEVICE ID
read failed - Success

  • Also:

pi@raspberrypi ~ $ sudo ./ArduCopter.elf -A udp: -C /dev/ttyUSB0
AK8963: bad DEVICE ID
pi@raspberrypi ~ $

I will keep trying…

I unplugged all the servos from the servo rail, even I unplugged the gps antenna and when I run the
pi@raspberrypi ~ $ sudo ./ArduCopter.elf -A udp: -C /dev/ttyUSB0

I got:

No INS backends available


Have you compiled APM yourself? Could you please follow our updated version of installation tutorial.

If you want to compile yourself though, use navio-experimental branch. If the problem stays, please let me now.

Either way, I’m going to have a closer look on AK8963 driver next week. We’re aware of the issue, but it had always gone away after a reboot.


I followed that tutorial yesterday. I will try the navio experimental in my raspi 2. I think it is something wrong with my raspi B+, sometimes it works great, but lately is just crashing. So I will keep you in touch about the issues.

Thanks for your help, all of you.