Cycle Slips Issue

The shutdown problem on the device was completely related to the power supply. We fixed this problem by replacing the power supply and replacing it with a constant current source.

However, we are currently experiencing a cycle slip problem during the flight. I am using talyssman antenna as antenna. There is a copper plate about 20 cm above and below, what do you think might be causing this problem?

reach-raw_202107040829.obs (7.0 MB)

Can you post a few images of your setup ?

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Hi İzgi,

I agree with Christian that we need to check how your hardware setup looks like. I see on the observational data a lot of cycle slips, as you’ve mentioned. It looks like at that time, the signals became affected by RF noise from other electronics or obstructed the sky view.

To understand whether the issue was caused by the proximity of electronic components, we need to take a look at the setup.


Emlid Phantom 4 is attached to its legs and rests on the white box. In the box, there are batteries that power the emlid.

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Hi İzgi,

Thanks for sharing the photos.

First of all, I noticed that you’re using a ground plane for the antenna tilted to the side. The reflections from the ground may interfere with the signals. It may lead to signals disruptions. When using patch antennas, the antenna plane should be parallel to the geographic horizon.

Also, I see that the antenna cable is bent into the curves. It’s essential to make sure that the kinks aren’t formed in the cable. If the cable is bent too much, it may damage the inner construction of the cable. This can lead to signal loss.

A complicated hardware setup with RF noise around the unit may cause a signal delay too. In order to avoid the formation of cycle slips, we recommend isolating Reach M+ to eliminate interference.

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Thanks for your answer.

The antenna is slightly inclined when the drone is on the ground, but becomes completely flat when the drone is tilted forward during flight. Could this be a problem?

The wires were really too crimped, I fixed it now.

I will reassemble it by wrapping it with Reach m+ aluminum foil. Maybe that will help

Hi İzgi,

I’d suggest rearranging the hardware setup so that the antenna is always parallel to the horizon. Since the antenna position is sensitive to the drone’s inclinations, it may induce some signal interference when the vehicle is a bit tilted to the side.

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