Cycle Slip Issue on Reach M+

How to solve Cycle Slip Issue on Reach M+ ?
There is no wind in the field!
Must I returne to company?
The ReachView Version is 2.22.2! (2.4 MB)

What was the unit doing when the cycle-slips occured?

Also, it would be great to see your hardware setup

My PPK adjusted result in RTKLIB was very bad! Sometimes 3-8 meters error in AgiSoft Metashape!
I am using Teokit ( for Phantom 4 pro and Reach M+.
In my other Reach M+ and Teokit on P4Pro, I have great accuracy but yhis device has cycle-slip and my result is wrong!

I am using Teokit for P4pro.
I installed this bad Reach M+ on my another Phantom 4 pro and test it again,But the cycle-slip error occured again!!!
This is my integration method for P4pro.
I have many other P4 PPK(12 devices) that I installed Teokit + Reach M plus and they are great now!
What is your suggestion to solve this problem?

At this point, I can only suggest you to test this Reach M+ and the antenna separately from your drone or address your question to the integrator. There may be a variety of reasons for cycle slips when Reach is embedded into a drone. It may be a noise from ESCs, a damaged wiring and many other things.

No, I think this error is by Reach!
Device 1: P4 pro + Teokit + Reach M+(cycle slip)==> ppk result was wrong
Device 2: P4 pro + Teokit + Reach M+(good) ==> ppk result was great

I replace the Reach M+ from device 1 to device 2 and its result is wrong now!
And replaced The Reach M+ from device 2 to 1 and result is great now!
So there is an error in Reach M+ hardware, I think!
If the cable or noise occured, why the result is good with a good Reach M+??

I am afraid it is hard to predict what goes wrong in this setup for the reasons mentioned above. Do you have the same cycle slips when your drone is on the ground powered off?

I tested Reach M+ connected to a power supply today without drone and on the ground for 38 minutes and there is no cycle slip! But when I am flying with M+ installed on the all of my phantom 4 pro, there is cycle slips!! (4.7 MB)

Cycle slips while flying are usually caused by 2 things:

  • vibration
  • EMI from the drone, especially the ESC’s.

Try shield your M+ better, and see if that helps.

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