Cyber Monday Sale at E38 Survey 11-30-21

I received this e-mail notice from E38 Survey about their upcoming sale on Cyber Monday 11/30/21 for the Emlid RS2 and E38 Vivid Tablet in case anyone is interested. I don’t how much of a discount they will be giving, nor is it listed on their website. Cheers

E38 Survey Solutions
Drones from E38 Survey Solutions

Gather data quickly and efficiently with the Phantom 4 RTK and DJI Matrice 300 RTK (with LiDAR) now sold by E38 Survey Solutions.

Purchase as a standalone item or in combination with the Emlid Reach RS2.

Buy Now
Get Ready For Cyber Monday

Save on the Emlid RS2 and the E38 Vivid Tablet

Sale starts Monday 11/30 at 9:00AM EST
Emlid Reach RS2 E38 Vivid Tablet

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