Customizable CSV template for export

Good day,

We are importing GPS points into GIS software in CSV format which should be prepared in a specific way. Is there any way to pre-define the export template for CSV export so the output is a ready file for further use without the need of extra processing?

The current CSV export option exports everything and the CSV (PENZD) exports too little info. We would like to be able to make an export template with an option to have headers and to change their names according to the local needs.

For example, our CSV should look like this (in local language):
NR, X, Y, Z, description, Accuracy XY, Accuracy Z, Date (YYYYMMDD)

I could not find a similar question here so not sure if it has been addressed before.


You could use an Excel (or other) spreadsheet to do what you want.

You would have an Input section where you paste the data from the Emlid Project, and then have an Export section where the data is re-arranged to suit what you need.

Once you set up the spreadsheet, all you have to do is copy/paste your data and it will be prepared as you like.


Thanks Dave, we are actually doing it the way you described. The problem is that this is a tedious work because of many separate files coming from different people and then we have to send it to a specific email for further processing. If it was possible to create an export template in the emlid app, we could directly send the re-arranged survey points to the right emails.

Perhaps it is not in the roadmap. Just decided to ask in case someone found a solution.

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Okay, Mykola. Good luck with your feature request!

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Hi Mykola,

I’ve noted your request, thank you! We have plans to support the selection of the fields for CSV output. So you can be sure that once this feature is out, I’ll let you know in this thread.

As for the current workaround, I can only echo Dave’s suggestion of manually editing the CSV file.

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Fantastic. Looking forward to this update.

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Hi guys!

Just wanted to let you know that we added customizable CSV export to the Survey plan in Emlid Flow 360 a while ago. Now, you can select columns for export and their order, rename them, and customize the separator.

In the future, we have plans to add it to the Emlid Flow as well.