Custom Field Data Collector Development

Dear Sirs,

We are a software company that would like to make a custom iOS and Android based field data collector software for our needs. We want to communicate with Emlid’s ReachView via WiFi communication protocol. Is there any specific manual availiable with Socket.IO emit/on events in order to support the Base/Rover/Static working modes to our application? Thanking you in advance!


Hi Ion-Anastasios,

Reach devices can be integrated with iOS and Android apps by Position output options. In the ReachView app, you can configure Position streaming via TCP.

However, settings can be changed via the ReachView app only.

Hello Svetlana,

The ReachView web app is python flask based with intergraded socket io functionality. My question is that if Emlid can provide to us the specific events to fully control the receiver remotely via WiFi, for example to change the Ntrip Caster connection, to turn on base with LoRa, to start static observations via logging ubx files, etc. I can already get those events from the main JavaScript file. Is there any manual with this events to support third party developers? Thanking you again.


Hi Ion-Anastasios,

There is no specific documentation that we provide on this. The only way to configure the Reach’s settings is through our ReachView 3 app. That’s how we intend for it to work. We’re not planning on changing it for now.

Even though it’s not possible to set the settings by third-party software, our Reach receivers can be easily integrated into the setup by the position streaming options. You can configure all required settings for it with ReachView 3 app only once. They should stay the same after each restart of the unit.

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