Current Sensor Atto 180A for 6S and Navio2 problems

I can measure the voltage but the current is not working. Its always on 0. What do I need to adjust in Mission Planner to get a proper current reading? I already measured the consumption with my multimeter and added that in the measured current field, but the calced value stays at 0.


Could you please post output of this command:
cat /sys/kernel/rcio/adc/ch1

Hi, thanks for getting back. cat /sys/kernel/rcio/adc/ch1 gives me 5286.

And after a reboot I get 5266 or 5262.

I had problems with the AttoPilot battery monitor, because they are rather unprecise.
This is why I tested the Mauch Hall effect sensors and I am very happy with them.

Thanks for the tip but I need to use the Atto sensor now

Any news?

How is everything connected in your setup? Could you please post a picture or a scheme?

Thanks for coming back. The setup is exactly as described for the Pixhawk:

I have the same setup working for a Pixhawk version of the quad so I assumed thats going to work for Navio2 as well.

Please try the following:

Run ADC example
Use tweezers to short the corresponding ADC channel pin to GND
Repeat the previous step but short it to 5V (for anyone reading this - that’s for Navio2 only)

Do you see values changing accordingly?

Ok, will check it now.

Shorting ADC2 to ground: Voltage changes (drops)
Shroting ADC3 to ground: No change (voltage before and after at 0.000)

Shorting ADC2 to 5V: Voltage goes up to 5.2V
Shorting ADC3 to 5V: no change, before and after at 0.000

Judging by ADC2 and ADC3 - do you connect AttoPilot to the ADC port, not the Power port?

I have it connected to the power port of the Navio2. So I take it thats wrong? I should do it on the ADC port?

I was confused by ADC2 and ADC3 as these are labels on pins on the bottom of the board on the ADC port. Now I understand that you were talking about A2 and A3 values from the example code.

Okay, seems like the ADC channel for current in the Power port is not working. Please send an email to with the order number and link to this thread.

I have another 34 Navio2 boards so I will test the issue on those first and update you then.

Just tried a new Navio2, same image, same setup and it works. So yes, that Navio must be faulty.

Waiting for your email then to arrange a replacement.

Will send it this week. Thanks for the help, very appreciated.