Current Reach Documentation

ReachView version: v2.2.6-r0
Can’t find the firmware version, I just got it in the March batch

Basically, none of the menus in the reachview app look like anything found here:

This is the reachview documentation I’m using

Out of the box, both my units are running in rover mode and I need to set on up as a base, Thanks in advance!

Current version is beta 2.2.5 and the documentation for it is not yet ready as its still beta

-From menu, enter base mode and select manual base coordinates or average if you only need relativ position from base to rover
-Select way to send data to rover, serial, ntrip og tcp and set RTK to singel
other then that,use default to begin with.

On rover, enable correction input that correspond with base output values. RTK set to kinamatic or static. Other values to as default to begin with.

Docs will give a general glue as the term are pretty much the same.

Just had a chance to test this. Worked beautifully with both Reach unite in the yard connected to my network! Thanks!

Next up, connect through 3DR 915MHz radios!

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Mike, sorry about the delay with updating the docs. Until they are updated, here is a page with quickstart for ReachView 2.x.x:

Thanks for the help and the links, working good, just got a FIX and been holding for about 5 minutes: :sweat_smile:

@igor.vereninov I’m having great success with the reach units and 3dr 915MHz radios connecting in float and fix. Fix is not as solid as I’ll need when I implement the rover unit on my drone.

Could you direct me to someplace where I can get more info on settings and RTK set up. Specifically now I’m interested in finding out the meaning of the RTCM3 messages and their meanings? I can select different Frequencies? (0.1Hz to 10 Hz in most cases)

Finally, Is RTCM3 best for me and why wouldn’t I choose another?




This is a total noob question, but what is the significance or the frequency, Can I pick any number or does the Hz have to match my hardware?

for frequency, faster is better, but many times the communication link is a bottleneck, so you need to slow down the message rate. if the messages are coming too fast for the communication link (radio / wifi / 3g), then the age of differential will rise and you will loose fix, and eventually loose float.