Not getting any logs in base

i am trying to set up the RTK for my copter. The attached images are from the base and rover setting that i have read from your docs and set it up accordingly. The logs on the rover can be found and they get updated when i switch it on but i am not getting any logs on the base rtk. The base reach displays “there are currently no logs available”.
when i connect them through mission planner, the grey and green/yellow bars can be seen on the graphs.
Any help regarding this would be really appreciated.


Logging on base is not available in your app version, please consider reflashing your device with image v2.3 to get the new app with base logging.

Okay i will try that.
I have another issue. when i take the copter in a field, there will be no wifi. How should i connect the base rtk to the mission planner since it requires an ip address to connect.

You will need to connect your GCS laptop to the base station’s hotspot.

hey i dont know how to do that.
after flashing the firmware, the base station and the rover both were connected to the the the wifi network. i read in the forums that when we take it outside our wifi network it will start hosting its own network, i also tested the base by taking it outside of my network but i could not find any network of my base station.

as suggested by you i flashed the firmware to v2.3 but it does not get detected by the software and i cant flash it back to v1.2. i have attached the image. please help
If not Reach network it may take some time before it creates hotspot, its faster to reboot device outside and out of range from other wifi.

This is common and you only need to hit Flash Firmware button next

hey thanks i was able to get it started and running with firmware v2.3. can you please help me with the setup guide. the setup given in the docs is with the previous version. now the whole interface has changed. how to set them up

Try this

thanks a lot for the link. its working :slight_smile:

i have one other question. can we change the time on the reach devices? the time i get on the reach is very different from the actual time in my country.

Not on the device it self.
You need to apply time zone according to UTC time