Current app version is incompatible

Dear people, I am using app versions 9, uploaded a .dxf to the web version of emlid and trying to open the project in the app. In the app it says that the version is incompatible. But I am on the latest version. I don’t understand, so I need to change anything in the settings? Or should I switch to the beta?

UPDATE; when I create the project on the phone and I upload the .DXF to the project on the phone, it is working…So, why is this not working when I create the project via web and try to open it on the phone?

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Hi Remco,

Thanks for reporting!

Was the initial DXF file exported from Emlid Flow/Edmlid Flow 360 or is it from the other source? Could you please share the screenshot of the message where it says that the version is incompatible?

Please also share this DXF file with me. You can send it to me in the PMs or to

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