CSV upload

I have typed the CSV correctly, the app has accepted it, but the button is just spinning like its still uploading. It was only ten points?

Sorry, forgot to mention its been 20mins and its still spinning! doh….

Hi, what Reachview version and unit are you using?

Hi it’s the Reach RS+ with latest version. I did sort it though. I was uploading as it was connected to the rover. I disconnected and connected to the base and it loaded straight away. Should I was upload to the base then? As this would be the stationary base point I presume that by uploading to this it transmits the coords with the corrections ?

CSV should be uploaded to the rover if you are going to use the survey.

Hi @rowleysurveying,

Do I understand correctly that the ReachView version on your Reach RS+ is v2.20.8?

As @TB_RTK has mentioned, you need to upload the CSV file on the rover if you’re planning to use it during the survey. The base can’t transmit the file to the rover.

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