Csv output for event pos file?

So when processing PPK drone flights in Emlid studio, is there any way to get a csv of the event pos file? Being there’s no geoid model for our area in Pid4d, I want to apply orthometric heights to my images. Seemed pretty simple as I can use NRCAN’s GPS-H software to batch my ellipsoid elevations into CGVD2013 or HT2. Until I looked at the pos file in a text editor lol! Some data’s separated by one space, some two and others three. I could use Wordpad and start with the three spaces replaced with a comma and move on to two and one. That would be too much fun. There must be an easier way.

Hi Shaun,

Emlid Studio can’t output positions in the CSV format (unless you work in Stop&Go). So, there’s not much I can suggest from our side.

As I know, you should choose the correct horizontal and vertical coordinate system for the data in Pix4D. If Pix4D doesn’t support the geoid model you need, I’m not sure it will provide accurate results even if you change elevations to the orthometric ones in another app. I’d suggest checking how exactly it works and what you can do to get results in your vertical datum with their support.

They only support a few global models. Pix4d’s suggestion is to use a geoid height. Not the best method especially for larger scans. There’s always Geocalc, expensive but will convert all points from ellipsoid to whatever model you want. Takes a lot longer than just applying the geoid model to the images though.

Hi Shaun,

Only changing the image center heights to the orthometric ones won’t work if the software doesn’t support your vertical datum. Pix4D should know your geoid model to interpolate between the image centers correctly. So, even if it were possible to output a CSV file from Emlid Studio, it wouldn’t help get a valid orthophoto or 3D model.

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