CSV Markup Required

Guys, I need someone who can possibly import a CSV file and use their rover and base to help complete a blast markup. Our RS+ heads died yesterday. ASAP near Ballarat

Hi @sdickson,

What happened to your Reach RS+ devices? Maybe we can try to revive them?

After several hours of trying to get a fix (would not change from Single) we gave up. I have since been told that using the single channel RS+ for a base station is not ideal?

Reach RS+ can definitely work as a base if a rover is also single-band. Do you have another Reach RS+ as a rover?

Getting only a Single means the base doesn’t transmit corrections to the rover at all. What do you use for RTK? LoRa or Emlid Caster?

We are using two RS+ one as base and one as rover. We are using to upload CSV for blast markup on LoRa

Have you tried LoRa settings from this guide?

Please share the Simple system reports with me from both base and rover. I’ll check the LoRa settings.

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