Csv file data meaning

Hello, I am using REACH RS+ AND REACH M+, i collected the following data in the picture attached, but I dont understand the meaning of the data obtained, can anyone help please

Hi @rayanskaff6,

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The headers of these columns are as follows:

  • The first column is GPS time.

  • Receiver Position: XYZ components in m.

  • Q: the solution quality. If Q = 5, it means a Single solution.

  • ns: number of valid satellites for solution calculation.

  • The sdn, sde, or sdu means N (north), E (east) or U (up) component of the standard deviations in m.

  • The absolute value of sdne, sdeu or sdun means square root of the absolute value of NE, EU or UN component of the estimated covariance matrix.

  • Age: time difference between the observation data epochs of the rover receiver and the base station in seconds.

  • Ratio: the ratio factor of ʺratio‐testʺ for standard integer ambiguity validation strategy.

Are you recording a position track for your project? Or did you want to collect separate points?


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