CSV export messed up


I had the same issue i talked here on this post.

I have 3 CSV files that are having the issue showed in the post.

In this one: Comparação Dif de cotas.zip (766 Bytes) I had the issue after i edited the last two points and only these two points had issue, i removed a colon ( : ) i inserted when writing the description and these points came messed up, where de colon was is when the line break.

This one PORTO BELO.zip (from point 208 to 1142) (95.4 KB) and this one PORTO BELO 2.zip (28.0 KB) (from point 331 to 364) are a client’s job, and he didn’t edited the description. I asked to him to check teh point inside the ReachView 3 and all looks fine.

Any thoughts on what could be the issue?

Me and the client are in the latest ReachView 3 version (5.10) Follow my report file form ReachView 3 database_report.zip (244.4 KB)

Follow the image of point 208 and 209 from Porto Belo Project:

And here the point 331 from Porto Belo 2 Project:

Porto Belo 2 Project on Excel and NotePad

Comparação Dif de cotas Project on Excel and NotePad:

Porto Belo Projecty on Excel and NotePad:

Hi Adriano,

I’ll try to reproduce it with ReachView 3 5.10 and get back with the results.

Thanks Kseniia!

Hi Adriano,

I couldn’t reproduce the issue with ReachView 3 5.10 on Android. Could you please tell me the Android version and phone model that you and your client use?

Hello @kseniia.suzdaltseva!

Sorry for the long delay!

i was using Android 10, before it updated in a Galaxy A50. The client have multiple devices, and doesn’t remember the one he used

Hi Adriano,

Thanks for the clarification!

At the moment, it’s hard to find out the root of the issue since we couldn’t reproduce such behavior with our receivers and Android devices. We’ll conduct more tests to check what might be wrong. To check that we use the same workflow, could you please elaborate on the following:

  • Do I understand correctly that the blank lines in the CSV file appear in random places unrelated to the description entered in ReachView 3?

  • Do you see the blank lines in the CSV files downloaded from the app if they are opened in a simple text editor? It will help check if Excel may modify the files.

Hello Kseniia!

Actually they appear where is or was a special character, in my file, i inserted a “:” in the description and later removed it inside the ReachView 3.

In the client’s situation, he said he didn’t used any special characters in the description.
And go the issue the same way.

But what i noticed is that when a description is edited ReachView 3 adds " " in the description on the exported file, but not inside ReachView 3

Depends, some times it jumps a line, sometimes creates a empty line between the points, since in smartphone is a bit awkward to change default apps to open certain file extensions, i can only check those inside Windows.

The images i sent before show the issue!

Hi Adriano,

Thank you for the details. I’ll discuss it with the team and write back.

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Hello Kseniia!

I’ve made some tests with a colleague and we found a potential cause for the issues.

The Android devices have the Enter button on the digital keybord and using it during the typing will result in the error.

We made tests in the latest ReachView 3 v6.1 and we found that using the Enter button and typing a description makes the CSV file export with the blank spaces in the lines.

The more lines with description, more lines are jumped in the CSV file

Also the " " only appear when a character that is used in the column configuration is used in the description. One example is the (,), if used the description is exporte wit a " ".

Example: TN,MF >>> Wil be exporte as “TN,MF”, since the (,) is used as a column separator.

Since the Enter is a paragraph brake character and is used in the CSV model, ReachView 3 may be understanding theses paragraph brakes as new lines and then missing the information that come after it.

If you have any questions i will be glad to help!

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Hi Adriano,

Thank you for the detailed description of your findings!

I’ve checked that blank lines appear in a CSV file if the Enter button was pressed while filling in a description. I’ll pass all the information to the team for further investigation and write back once there is news.

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Hi Adriano,

I just wanted to let you know that our devs are looking into the issue. We hope to fix it in one of the future releases, but I can hardly provide an ETA for now.

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Hello Kseniia!

Thanks for hte feedback! Will be waiting for an update!

Hi Adriano,

We’ve recently released the ReachView 3 6.5 version with a fix for this issue. If you have a chance to check it, I will be glad to hear if everything works fine.

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Hello @kseniia.suzdaltseva, thanks!

I will be checking out

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