Crypto - positioning on the blockchain. NFT - Mint your data

Whats Emlids ETA for implementing this? :sweat_smile:

Anyways. I guess most have heard of Bitcoin and maybe NFTs. Well this is beyond that.
If you have no clue what I am talking about and you thought RTK was hard to figure out, you are in for another steep learning curv, I would say even worst then RTK.

If this sounds interesting, keep reading. If not, well, see you down the road…

You in? allright. You can jump right to the link below.
For those allready in to btc, you probably have your own sources. But please do share good info if it has anything to do with working on the blockchain in relation to GNSS.

To get your brain cooking I have a youtube link, this is a nice brief explanation of what NFT are and how blockchain works.
I find it very good as it explains the concept of blockchain to get you going.


So why and how can this be applied?
Most associate Bitcoin with money. And what is important with money?
Safety, verification, authorization, protection, speed etc etc.

All the above can be applied to positioning.
What can it solve?
-Jamming, spoofing of signals
-Verification of coordinates and positions
-authorization and validation of ownership for land and areas
And so on.

I just see so many way blockchain can solve todays and future issues we face in terms of survey and of course all kinds of positioning service and systems.

Let the chat begin!


Interesting stuff in random order.
Nodle releases in-app testing for the minting of geolocation NFTs

New tech allows crypto users to mint NFTs with ‘proof of presence’

B-GPS: Blockchain-Based Global Positioning System for Improved Data Integrity and Reliability

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How long will I have to run a RS3 base to collect enough bitcoin to buy a Ferrari? Asking for a friend


2,3million light years :crazy_face:


How much is that in mm? Do you have a conversion?

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If the Car cost 1$ it would take you 60 years.

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The whole blockchain topic is intereting and I dug into it for quite a time now. I’m pretty sure blockchain is already used by private companies to manage authenticity of documents, such as land or building ownership. To qualify or secure real-time data, it sounds a bit more complicated though.

In the positioning industry, I know of different projects such as Geodnet, Onocoy, using tokens to incentivize participants to built a robust RTK network. Proof os stake sounds pretty good for such systems. You could see it like “I take the risk to provide people with high quality corrections and I get rewards for that”. We could think of a similar system to build jamming/spoofing detection network nationwide.

Here is one example of getting paid for having a Base employed in an RTK network.

Miner Edition earns $Geod Tokens without access to RTK service. The current reward rate is 48 $Geod tokens (per day) for 1 installed ROCK Base. Today’s value is around 3 cents per $Geod. So, 48 tokens (per day) x 1 month will earn $43. *Numbers will vary depending on market.

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If quantum computing develops at a similar rate to the adaption of blockchain technology, then the security of (current) blockchain is in doubt.

It seems like govt’s are waking up to the potential problems with AI. But quantum computing will render online security, as it is now, useless. Including, perhaps, blockchain based technology.

I know, Debbie Downer, post.

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Yes, he sends me private messages like this all the time with photos of him sleeping on piles of bank notes or with his Ferrari at the beach! :rofl: :money_mouth_face:


Luke doesn’t want people to know he is the owner of a NFT cat gif. Winning bid 64,000$


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