Cross-compiler setup on Mac or PC?

My goal is to compile ardupilot Navio+ from my Mac. Currently, the only way I can make the compile faster is compiling through an Ubuntu Virtual Machine running on mac.

Does anybody know how to compile Ardupilot Navio+ from source code on Mac or PC? I have tried using compiler provided by Raspberry Pi Foundation, but it seems that it can only run under Linux system, but not Mac.

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The link below looks interesting, but personally I had so much trouble I think it’s best to cross compile from a system as close to the target system as possible (i.e. keep the VM). But if these tools are supported, as OSX is UNIX based maybe that’s already close enough.

I just wrote some general tips which apply to any cross compilation and also adding drivers here:


I made a small post about the issue a couple months ago in order to remember how it’s done. I’ll try to turn it into a docs entry and update APM’s Makefile as soon as possible.


I built a toolchain that allows you to compile the Ardupilot Navio+ from source code on Mac OS X using Eclipse.

You can just download and launch the existing dmg file or follow these steps to build it from scratch.