(Cross)Compile RTKLIB for Reach

Hi everyone,
I’d like to make changes to RTKLIB about some parameters for RTK corrections, test them on Reach and study the behaviour. I see that there’s a GitHub repository containing the source code of RTKLIB on the Emlid profile (GitHub - emlid/RTKLIB: Emlid's fork of Tomoji Takasu's RTKLIB used in Reach RTK receiver). My questions are about compiling the source code with my changes for Emlid architecture (that is Intel Edison if I’m right): should i use a cross compiler on my Ubuntu Desktop and than use ssh to copy binaries on Reach? How can i do that (I never cross compiled anything so any advice or tutorial is well accepted :blush: )? Or i fork the GitHub repo directly on the Reach and compile directly there (if it is possible)? Another question is: where should i put the binaries I get in order to get everything working? Thanks for the help! :wink:

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