Crius-bt: bluetooth connection lost after pairing

I have the latest stable firmware (2.16.2) installed on my Reach modules. I try to connect to a crius bt bluetooth device in order to stream the corrections between the base and the rover (I have the parts laying around and find it interesting to put the transmitter up in the air to bridge a further distance).

Connection looks like that:
reach->115?->-crius-bt—>115—3dr 433mhz ----->–64—>-----3dr 433mhz---->115—crius-bt->115->-reach

The connection is working with other devices such as my laptop running Win 7. But with the reach modules, I’m not able to connect to the cirius-bt modules. I can pair them (no idea how the pin is transferred) after pairing the status switches for 2 sec to connected and then back to paired. At the rover I get an Recv111 error.

Any ideas how to fix that ?

That is the bt device:

Hi @tobias-dahms,

Why do you want to accomplish such complicated connection scheme? :slightly_smiling_face:

What’s the BT version is installed on this device?
Probably, this BT isn’t compatible with Reach.

Hi @tatiana.andreeva,

may be I’m inspired by your UHF example ;-). The real reason is that I have recognised that the 3dr radios (probably only mine) influence the GNSS signal when they are connected to the Reach modules directly. So my idea was to move them away from the modules as far as possible.

The bluetooth version seems to be Bluetooth 2.1.

All my other devices have no problem to connect to the bluetooth modules. Maybe I need to perform some fancy ssh commands to enter the pin of the modules?

Hi @tobias-dahms,

I’m afraid I can’t recommend you something certain on this question.

Reach BT connection with other devices usually works fine. Unfortunately, we don’t have these BT modules and can’t reproduce the issue you faced with.

Hi @tatiana.andreeva

thank you, can you tell me if it is possible to use ssh to connect the bluetooth devices?

Regards, Tobias

Hi @tobias-dahms,

Even if you ssh to Reach, it barely can help with resolving the issue.

The thing is that Reach waits for another BT device request to be connected. It can’t initiate the connection, your BT device should do it.

Have you tried to isolate radios? I think it should help.

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