Critical: Prearm: GPS and AHRS differ by 33m

Hello together,
I have an Octo Quad X Copter with Emlid Edge FC and a Reach M + module, tried today with the new Copter to fly and keep getting this error message.
What can this be and how can you eliminate the error?

Hi @rcdevil,

Could you post the hardware setup photos, please?

Hi Fred,

Did you manage to resolve this issue? Will you be able to post hardware setup photos?

you mean a photo from my copter?

do you mean a photo of my copter or a photo of the settings of QGroundcontrol software?

Hi Fred,

I mean photos of your copter.

hi Dmitriy, i´m working on it, actually no solution to fix or to localize this error.

Hi Tatiana,
here are the photos.
Thank you.

Hi Fred,

Which material is used for antenna ground plane?

I’d also recommend placing the radio antenna and Wi-Fi module in different parts of the drone.

the ground plane of the antenna is a round PCB plate with copper coating, with 70mm diameter.


The copper coating should be on the side where the antenna is placed. Please make sure it’s so.

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