Creating event in M+ or M2 with signal from SD Card extension

I wanted to circle back on this and see if anyone could shed some light on what would need to be done in order to trigger an event in the M+ or M2 using the signal from a Micro SD card ribbon. So whether I got an extension ribbon, or Breakout plate, what would I need to do in order to trigger an event from the signals on the SD Card breakout board?

Any insight will be appreciated.

There are multiple varieties of ribbons and extension boards.

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I found this article on using an SD card with a GPS logger, albeit a little different that what I am suggesting here.

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Hi Tim,

Thanks for your patience!

The Time Mark pin of Reach M+ and Reach M2 is an open drain. So, the event is registered by short-circuiting the Time Mark and GND pins of the M+/M2s C1 port. Please, note that the maximum voltage for this operation is 3.3V.

Here is the pinout of the M+/M2. It might be useful.

Thanks Artem, I now have some different SD Card “extensions” to test with. SD Card readers operate on 3.3v so it should work nicely for timing purposes. Time will tell.

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It would be great if you could share your progress here!

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