Creating a CSV file from .pos file

Hi. First of all I want to thank you all for the help With my last topic of how to down load the logs from my reach RS and RS+. This has lead me to this next item. So I have the logs from the base and rover and have gone through the process of allying the correction but I need to export then as a CSV file to work with Pix4d etc but the coming out as a .pos file.
How can I get the applied correction from the emild as a CSV file?
Does any one have a written work flow (if possible from downloading the logs to getting the CSV file) they could let me have?
Thank you in advance.

Hi @sgeyeuk

In another thread, you mentioned that you’ve used the receivers for the ground control points (GCPs) placement. Do you plan to export the coordinates of these points to Pix4D?

In this case, there’s no need for data post-processing, you can just collect the points using the Survey tool and then export the coordinates in CSV format.

Hi. Iam using a reach RS+ as the base and Reach RS as a rover. I have the CSV file the test I did so do I not need to do PPK?

How accurate would that be for use with say surveying for roads position relative to the ground

To place the GCPs there’s no need in PPK. You should place the receiver on the ground control point precisely using real-time kinematics (RTK) method and then record the coordinate using a Survey tool mentioned above. RTK technique allows obtaining GCPs’ coordinates with centimeter-level accuracy.

You can check the Placing GCPs in RTK mode guide for more details about the workflow.

Thank you and sorry for the late response. I have now managed to access the .pos file through excel thanks to your help. You mention there is no need to do PPK? I have set up the base and rover as described but iam not connected to a correction service. I want me client to be able to use the resulting orthomosaic in there CAD software to allow them to do a overlay of the plan onto what is on the ground (orthomosaic). To do this I need better absolute accuracy. So without the correction service do I need to do PPK?

Hi @sgeyeuk,

If you establish a real-time connection between the base and the rover (for example, via LoRa), it means that the rover receives corrections from the base. Then, you should pay attention to the Solution status:

  • Single corresponds to meters-level accuracy
  • Float corresponds to submeter-level accuracy
  • Fix corresponds to centimeter-level accuracy

You’ve sent me the CSV file in another thread. According to this file, you mostly had a FIX solution status. So these points are centimeter-accurate.

Regarding absolute accuracy, could you clarify whether you place the base on a point with known coordinates? If so, you’ll get absolute points’ positions.

If you want to learn more, you can check these guides from our docs:

Hi again Thanks again for getting back to me. The base was not on a know location however I did manage to find the base location using RTKLib, processing the base logs (nav and obs) with the cors and clock emphasis data. so if my understanding is ok by correcting the base location as mentioned I can then correct the rover location relative the base. Is that correct?

Hi @sgeyeuk,

Did I get correctly that you used the Reach RS+ log as a rover log and the RINEX file from some CORS station as a base log?

Hi when I tried this in RTKlib it side no obs information in the status bar at the bottom so I got no results


Could you please share your logs with me so that I can try to post-process them myself?

You can share them in DM if they contain some sensitive information.

Not a problem, any help would be great. These are the Rover logs. (375.3 KB) (5.4 MB) (6.1 MB) (193.6 KB)

These are the base (146 Bytes) (2.6 MB) (3.5 MB) (385.4 KB)

Hi Have you had any luck with the data I sent you

Hi Steven,

when I tried this in RTKlib it side no obs information in the status bar at the bottom so I got no results

Could you clarify with which particular log you faced this issue? Please note that such an error message may occur when you drag-and-drop the file into the RTKPost window.

Regarding the whole workflow, did I get correctly that you want to post-process the base’s log as a rover with CORS’s log as a base’s one to get an absolute base position?

Hi All thank you for your help. I have managed to sort my own workflow for PPK and clarified what i have done wrong. Thank you

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