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Create a auto search grid using python


Good day,

I am a student and I am working on a drone project. I need to create a path planning algorithm with python for mission planner to read. The script should take the vertex co-ordinates of the polygon and create a path for the rover to follow and output the waypoint file. The task is similar to the auto grid function in mission planner, but the path should be generated by the python script.

Is there a function to directly create a path when the vertices of polygon is entered?

If not, how and where do I start? can someone please help me out.

(Christian GrĂ¼ner) #2

Sorry, but being a student, this question is the most important you have to work out yourself.
Trial and error, and researching are your tools. Learn as a student, apply in a job-situation afterwards.

(Amilcar Lucas) #3

use dronekit-python or mavros.