Crashing model doing Autotune with Navio2-RPi3

Hi Emlid team,
On last friday I prepared my model in order to do the Autotune procedure, well on min 6 of the flight (at 6 mts) the model fall down and crashed to the ground :sob:

then checking the logs I cannot find what the root cause for this disaster… Could you give to me your support in order to check the logs to find the cause in order to solved? (Please find attached the logs)
Arducopter log -> 68.BIN (2.3 MB)
Mission Planner log -> 2017-01-27 12-46-00.tlog (1.3 MB).
My Setup are:
4S (10000mah)
Tarot Sport 690mm
Arducopter 3.4(emlid-raspbian-20161229.img)
Settings 2017-01-27 (3.4 KB)

Additional to that I have a question, Somebody has done Autotune procedure sucesfully with Navio2? Some good outcomes and hints are welcome!

I will apreciate your soon answers mean while I rebuild the model!! :+1:

logs show that logging stopped in mid-air;
there is a spike in the IMU which could show that a hardware failure occurred before the power loss of Navio/rpi
but my guess is that spike is only an artefact from the power loss of the autopilot;
do you have power redundancy on your Navio? does your power module still work and provide enough power? Was Navio running directly after crash (did the escs constantly beep or were they initialized again afterwards )?
also check the lipo contacts

Brownout comes to mind.
Or as they say it in Mythbusters, failure is always an option

Do you fly with telemetry log?

Hi @TB_RTK if you are referring to mission planner log… yes off course… even I upload the log located on var/APM/logs… thats why I need and extra hand to catch the answer

I have done a few auto tunes with latest beta on Navio2 and RPi3.

I have to agree with what the others are saying regarding power loss.

I tend not to trust most power modules above 3 cell power and opt to use two 5v regulators - one into power port and one into servo rail.

I am getting ready to test the AUAV power module as it is well designed and built. Some of the suppliers out there are just cloning to make money, so you do need to be careful.

I would urge Emlid to upgrade their power module as it does appear to be a weak point in the system.

Hi, sorry I couldnt open the file.
Anyways, my telemetry is on the tx and have a current showing values before (in) and after (out) ESC modul.
If the drain is to much it would show up in the log, but i also have a warning beep when values peek. This is Frsky taranis.
Edit: i probably mean power (amp) when i say current. I mix those terms :confounded: