Crash disarming & the motors are cutting off during max aileron

I’m using navio2 with raspberry pi 2 and I installed emlid-raspbian-20160718.img. When I’m moving the aileron or the elevator stick to the max position, I receive a crash disarming message on the mission planner and the motors cut off. Does anyone encounter and figure out this problem?? Thank you for your help

Could you please elaborate? Have you performed all of the required calibration steps? Could you also share logs from the crash? A video might also help.

Also a little offtopic question: is motors cut off the same as motors stop?

Regarding the calibration steps, I did all the required calibrations. Basically, there is no actual crash because it was a ground test before the flight. I’ll discuss in more details. After arming the UAV, I’m moving the RC arms in order to check the motor reaction. If I moved the aileron or the elevator arm to the max position and taking into consideration the travel arm is adjusted to 100% of its movement, all the motors would stop and failure message would appear in the mission planner to inform “crash disarming” is happened. However, when I reduced the travel arm movement to 60%, I didn’t face this error. This is very dangerous for indoor environments because there is a delay in the UAV response, and this is my case, but for outdoor environments it won’t be a big deal.

I would say Arducopters crash detection is being triggered.
You are doing something that would not be possible while the copter is flying. Full stick deflection and no movement leads to a crash being detected.
I do not know why that should be more of a problem indoors than outdoors, or a problem at all.

I agree with you that no one moves the RC arm to the max position. However, for safety I should figure out this issue before the flight because I’ll be worried until landing as motors cutting off during the flight will cause damage.

It is not the 100% stick input that is the problem.
You are testing on the bench.
The copter does not move.
Arducopter has a logic built in, that tries to detect a crash and shuts down the motors, to prevent further damage or injury from happening.
Your testing method just triggers the crash detection, because you are holding full stick input and the copter does not move.
I fly aggresive full stick maneuvers quite often and Arducopter never shuts down the motors, because the copter is flying and reacting to stick inputs as expected.


Thank you very much and I appreciate your help.