Cover a wide area with a Reach RS+ base and non-Reach rovers

My intention is to positionate one Reach RS+ as a base in a wide open area and use non reach-rs+ gnss receivers as rovers. These rovers are linked to android devices and receive gps corrections from reach-rs+ to be used in android applications.

First of all is it possible create this type of system to reach a submetric accuracy in positions? How can i send corrections from reach-rs+ to rovers that could be far hundred of meters from the base? Any suggestions on rovers that could do this trick?

Thank you

Hello Paolo,
In your place I would think to use NTRIP to send and receive corrections over the Internet
I suggest you try a free, the accuracy is submetric up to a distance of 15 to 20 km but this will also depend on several parameters mainly the configuration of your Rover,
The disadvantage: - availability of the internet connection for the Rover.

What kind of gnss are you going to use for your Rover ?

Thank you Zinou,
yes the availability of the internet connection could be a problem. The rovers depends on the type of communication with the base station. Is it possible to use LoRaWAN for the communication if internet connection is not available? Do you know any gnss receiver that could work both with internet and with LoRaWAN?

Hi @paolo.milini,

Additionally to the NTRIP option, that @Zinou suggested above, I can recommend using a set of external USB or Serial radios.

Please note that Reach base provides corrections in RTCM3 format.

Reach RS+ LoRa radio might be integrated only with another Reach LoRa. It isn’t compatible with LoRa radios from other manufacturers.

Thank you @tatiana.andreeva,

Could i integrate reach m+ with reach-RS+?

The problem is that my receivers could be 300-400 meters far from the base station and there is no internet connession in that zone, so NTRIP and tcp are not possible. For this reason i thought about LoRa communication. USB or Serial radios could reach this distance?

By answering your e-mail, at beginning i wanted to use Reach-RS as base station and android devices as rovers, but the gnss receiver of android device is incompatible. So, i need to find rovers that could communicate with the reach RS+ to get the corrections in real time and, after, send the updated position to android device (to use it into an application that i created).

Why you need a real time correction ?
In your place I collect data by Stop and Go Survey Technique and post process with data collected by Reach RS as a base.
If there is a near cors arround you can also use a Reach RS as a rover and post process after, just you need to collect enough data (depends on the length of the baseline) to resolve ambiguity with a good pdop and assuming lock is not lost some GNSS Post-Processing software use OTF On the Fly Ambiguity resolution and reach a centimeter accuracy.

I need real time correction because i have to move electric forlifts and they have to know in real time its correct positions. But i cannot mount a reach rs as a rover for each forklift because it’s too expensive first, and cumbersome second.

For this reason i would like to opt for a more simple solution with a reach rs+ as base and non-reach (or reach m+ if possible) as rovers. If i had internet i would use NTRIP, but without i don’t know what could be the best solution.

In this case I’m afraid you have only one solution : using a LoRa Radio Reach M+

Thank you zinou, in conclusion i need:
-one reach rs+ station
-one or more reach m+
-one or more LoRa Radio Reach M+

Is it correct?
with all these things the best way is to buy this kit: Reach M+ UAV RTK kit – buy UAV drone kit at best price | Emlid Store ?

Yes ! for price and compatibility, you can start to buy a kit.

Hi @paolo.milini,

Sure, Reach M+ works just fine with Reach RS+ over LoRa. Note, that you need an M+ LoRa module for it.

Yes, external radios (for example, 3DR or RFD900) should work on such distances.

Please note that you also need a Tallysman GNSS antenna for each Reach M+.

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If i would use this device, what do i need in addition to Reach RS+ station?

You would need a receiving radio and an RTK-capable GNSS receiver for each forklift rover; one that can receive RTCM3 correction messages from the radio (usually via UART).

Our recommendation, as stated above, would be the LoRa module and Reach M+ (with antenna), but you are not required to use that hardware if there is something that works better for your application.


Perfect, thank you so much

I still write to know if there are any APIs that allow me to get the position in real time on an android application, so that I can save it on my database?

Hi Paolo,

In the meantime, there’s no API. You can setup position output via ReachView app to your Android software.

Position output:

Mock location:

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