Covariance matrix GPS and Magnetometer


I am using Robot_localization to localize my robot.
For this project I will use GPS and IMU data. For the accelerometer and gyroscope, I have the needed variances, but I don’t know how to get the variances of the GPS and magnetometer.
For the GPS I have for example: hAcc=30,743.
Does this mean that my variance for Lon and Lat equals 0,0030743°?
For the magnetometer, do I have to look into the datasheet?

Thanks in advance!

No, the GPS variance is a matrix, not a value.
Open a request and Emlid might extend the ERB protocol to include that information.

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Thanks for the reply!
I was hoping that the covariance matrix would look like this.
0, hAcc,0
0, 0, vAcc]
But that’s not the case?
And do you have any idea about the covariance matrix of the magnetometer?

No I do not know about the magnetometer.

But I do know that Septentrio RTK GPSs do provide a mathematically correct covariance matrix.

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